My beauty first: IPL hair removal

Firstly I must apologise for being so quiet lately. I was sucked into the last few weeks of planning my wedding. Yes, after years of working at weddings every weekend, I finally got to plan my own ‘happy-ever-after’ day! (‘Wedding beauty prep’ blog post coming soon)

Before my big day I was invited by Legs Eleven in Greenpoint to attend an IPL hair removal treatment. I have never undergone any kind of permanent hair removal procedure,  which brings me to another one of ‘My beauty first: IPL hair removal’ blog posts.

Cindy Horton IPL hair removal 2

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a more modern and innovative light-based technology than laser. With IPL, the light beam is emitted over a broad spectrum of wavelengths, so a wider range of treatments can be performed safely and more comfortably across all skin types.

Cindy Horton IPL hair removal

The idea behind permanent hair removal using IPL is to destroy the individual hair follicles. Controlled pulses of light are absorbed by the pigment in the hair, and the heat is then transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed. Because the treatment is only effective in specific stages of the hair growth process, you’ll need a series of visits at set intervals to ensure you get the maximum result.

Cindy Horton Cindy Horton IPL hair removal

* Above: Legs Eleven treatment room and IPL hair removal machine

IPL can successfully remove unwanted hair from almost any part of the body, in both women and men, with long-lasting results. I had the option of choosing what area I would like to treat and chose to do my bikini area. Other areas of my body I might shave, if necessary, and skip on the waxing. However, I will never shave my bikini area again due to the unsightly rash and bumps I get afterwards.

During my initial consultation, my therapist Tiana, provided an explanation of the treatment and assessed my skin and hair type. A small skin patch test was performed to determine the optimal settings for treatment.

Hair grows in a 4-phase cycle and not all hairs grow at the same time. Because IPL is only effective on hairs in an active growing (anagen) phase, an average of 6 to 8 treatments are required to ensure all the hair follicles are treated in the appropriate phase of growth. The total number of sessions required will vary from person to person.Hair Growth Cycle

Even though Tiana had done an amazing job at explaining everything and I had experienced the sensation of the treatment during my test patch, I was still a bit nervous for my first session. For most part, the treatment it is completely bearable; a hot and tingling sensation (like the gentle flicking of a rubber band). Certain ‘delicate’ areas were more sensitive and painful than others, however it is very quick and over before you know it.

Due to me having lighter hair, the hair fall-out after my first treatment was about 20%. It is generally a lot more for people who have darker hair. This percentage will also increase after 3 sessions.

For the bikini area Legs Eleven recommend a course of 6 to 8 IPL sessions, which are spaced at 2 to 3 months intervals, over an 18 month period, so it is not a monthly expenseImagine the long-term cost saving compared to a lifetime of waxing.

Legs Eleven also have great package deals which makes the treatments very affordable.


Major Zone – R480

Minor Zone – R380

Mini Zone – R180

For more information, pricing and packages: / 086 132 4752

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