Choosing the correct foundation

In my 10 years as a make-up artist, I have worked with thousands of ladies. Not only making them look fabulous but also offering them advice on what products to use and application techniques.

I have found that the biggest mistake that my clients make is purchasing the incorrect foundation colour and texture. Not only is it a costly mistake to make, but a very visible one, as foundation is used on the entire face.

However if used correctly, foundation can smooth and even out the skin tone, and creates a base for other make-up products, helping them to last longer.

Here are 3 steps to ensure that you choose the correct foundation and apply it professionally:

1.  Choose your coverage

Foundation is available in three different textures, depending on what sort of coverage you are looking for.

photo 1 (6)

  • Powder – light coverage. Suited to younger skin which doesn’t require much coverage or for someone who is concerned with shine and wants to mattify the skin.
  • Liquid – light to medium coverage. This is the most popular texture and can be used by most people.
  • Cream – heavy coverage. Only recommended for people suffering from pigmentation, breakouts or for someone wanting a heavier coverage in certain areas.

2. Test before buying

Once you have chosen the type of coverage you want, you need to find the correct colour. It is very important to find a foundation colour that matches your skin tone perfectly. The only way to do this is in natural daylight and on clean skin.

Using your finger tip, apply a small amount to the forehead and blend in completely. If the foundation colour is correct you should not be able to see it. Foundation should always look natural on the skin.

photo 2 (6)photo 4 (1)

Unfortunately most make-up stores are in shopping malls with little to no access to natural light and therefore gives you a false representation of the foundation colour.

My advice would be to apply the chosen foundation to the entire face and go outside into natural daylight to see if the colour is correct. If you are not in a rush to make the purchase, walk around with the foundation on to see if you are comfortable with the formulation and the longevity of the product.

3. Application

The correct tools such as a foundation brush and cosmetic wedge will assist you in creating a flawless foundation application.

photo (18)

Using your brush apply the foundation to one area of the face, such as the forehead, and blend away any streaks with a dry cosmetic wedge. Do not apply foundation to the entire face and then go back to blend, as some areas would have dried quicker than others, therefore making it difficult to blend away streaks.

Make sure to blend into the hair line and finish by tucking under the jawline for a flawless application.

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