Let’s get organised

Juggling a million hats in my life (Editor, make-up artist, hair stylist, blogger, partner, friend……), I am constantly searching for ways to make my life simpler and more organised. I often live in a world of organised chaos, but when it comes to my professional space and make-up kit this attitude simply cannot apply.



With the amount of make-up products, nail polishes, brushes, clips (the list can go on forever) that I work with daily, everything needs it place. Time to search for misplaced lip liners and hair bands does not exist when managing back to back appointments. When I opened my Make-up and Hair Studio it was important for me to keep this level of organisation as to avoid clutter and wasted time.

The obsessive organiser in me was extremely excited when I received an Acrylic Nail Polish Organiser (R599) from The Beauty Box to review. The clear three drawer and one lift lid compartment organiser allows me to store my make-up products of various sizes while being able to see their labels clearly.

photo (7) photo (8)

Beauty Box has a wide variety of storage draws, brush holders and lipstick stands. The organisers aren’t limited to make-up products but can be used for beauty and hair products, and jewellery.


Now everything has it’s place, is easily accessible and best of all; no clutter!

Beauty Boxes are available from Rouge Day Spa in Kenilworth www.rougespa.co.za



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