My beauty first: Endermologie Lipomassage

It was definitely time for me to try another new treatment on the market. I visited the innovative Legs Eleven Salon in Greenpoint to review the Target Lipomassage treatment  – a new innovation from LPG Endermologie that was recently launched in Europe. Which brings me to write another exciting ‘My beauty first: Target Lipomassage ‘.

The 100% natural treatment offers ultra-targeted slimming and firming results, releasing resistant fat over a treatment course of 6-8 treatments. The Endermologie Lipomassage machine uses multi-directional motorised rollers, which gently yet intensively conditions the skin and underlying fat tissue. This mechanical stimulation on the surface sends a signal deep into the tissue to reawaken dormant cellular activity. The stimulated fat cells restart the fat release process (lipolysis) and the fibroblast cells (‘firming cells’) revitalise collagen and elastin production.

cindyhorton_lipomassage2 cindyhorton_lipomassage3

At Legs eleven, every client is treated to their own personalised treatment plan, which has been designed according to their individual needs, goals and budget. Clients can choose between the Full Body or Target Lipomassage treatments. The Full Body Lipomassage is a 1 hour treatment targeting all the problem areas on the body. The Target Lipomassage is a 20 minute express treatment that only targets one specific problem area offering ultra-targeted slimming and firming results  e.g. arms, back, stomach, thighs, saddlebags etc.


During my visit I was given a very sexy body stocking, which clients can purchase and wear during their treatments for comfort and hygiene. I opted to do a Target Lipomassage treatment on my stomach and thighs.
After my Target Lipomassage treatment I applied LPG Firming Contour Fluid to stimulate the collagen and elasitn fibres to regenerate the skin on my stomach and the Draining Detox Serum to rid my thighs of excess fluid and toxins.
After the treatment I could see my blood flow had been stimulated, as the treated area went  a bit red, which subsided soon afterwards. My therapist advised that this is normal. After my treatment the skin was flushed and felt smooth. The areas treated felt a bit sensitive the next day from the deep action of the rollers which penetrates into the muscle fibres and deep fatty tissue, leaving the body feeling like it had a work out.
After a single session, Target Lipomassage has also been shown to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by up to 300% which makes it a great shortcut to a better body.
The benefits of a full course of  Target Lipomassage treatments and regular maintenance will result in a firmer, smoother and more sculpted silhouette as well as reduced fat and reduced appearance of cellulite.
For the full list of target treatments visit the Legs Eleven website. This treatment is offered at their Green Point salon.

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