My beauty first; laser treatment

This is the start of many posts I will be doing called ‘my beauty first’, which will take you through my first time experiencing different beauty treatments. Through my job I am constantly researching new beauty treatments, products and services, often getting to experience them myself. However I to sometimes don’t know what to expect when trying these treatments for the first time.

I was recently invited by Amy Bowie, owner of Pulse Dermatology and Laser, to experience ‘my beauty first’ laser treatment.  Having spent six years in the UK, Amy trained and worked alongside world-renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Her client list included A-listers such as Kate Moss and Louise Redkapp. After returning to South Africa she decided to open Pulse.

cindy horton my first; laser treatment 6


* Amy Bowie at Pulse Laser and Dermatology

I opted to try the ‘Lunch time lift’ (R650 per treatment, R3250 course of six), designed as a lifting and tightening procedure, which can be done during your lunch break. The in-motion laser heats the deeper layers of the skin (the Dermis) where fibroblasts (the skins firming-building blocks) feel as if they are under attack. Therefore causing them to produce new collagen for protection. This gives an instant tightening effect and improved blood flow.

cindy horton my first; laser treatment 5


* The Alma Laser Soprano XLI used for the treatment

Amy was extremely thorough in explaining each step and how the degree of heat from the laser would increase throughout the treatment. I was a little bit nervous but was quickly put at ease once we got started. The procedure was painless, however there were moments when the laser got really hot around ‘boney’ areas such as the jaw.

cindy hrton my first; laser treatment 7cindy horton my first; laser treatment 14 (2)


* Amy preforming my ‘Lunch time lift’.

Mesoestic Antiageing Flash Ampoules, containing plant collagen and elastin, were used afterwards to maintain the tannents (tightness) in the skin. Followed by a gentle lymphatic massage.

cindy horton my first; laser treatment


* Mesoestic Antiageing Flash Ampoules

After the laser ‘Lunch time lift’ I was treated to 20 minutes under a LED light – Red Light Therapy (R500 per treatment, R2500 course of six). Originally started for the treatment of non melomanoma skin cancer and burns, where they discovered that 20 minutes under the light improved collagen production by 80%. I found this to be rather relaxing and pleasantly warm on the face.

cindy horton my first; laser treatment 14 (1)cindy horton my first; laser treatment 13 (1)

* During my Red Light Therapy


I left the clinic feeling relaxed and my skin was glowing. The radiance, smooth texture and firmness in my skin improved throughout the day. I was really impressed at how quickly the redness subsided on the  day of the treatment, and realised that you could definitely do this during your lunch break and easily go back to work looking rejuvenated.

cindy horton my first; laser treatment 13 (2)

* Immediately after my treatment

The days following my treatment the results were still visible. It also allowed for a smooth make-up (foundation) application.


For further information contact Amy at Pulse Dermatology & Laser: 021 914 0447 / 074 027 6919, email or visit for a full list of treatments and product information. Address: Unit 1B, The Ridge Office Park,  
Door De Kraal Road, 
Kenridge, 7550


* – References to images in post

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