Revamping hair care

Style Bar, born from a chain of salons, presents a newer, fresher, trendier image that matches the image of it’s clientele. The newly revamped Tygervalley salon played host to the relaunch of the Shwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy range.



* The impressive Style Bar Tygervalley entrance pictured above

Upon arrival at the launch, I was blown away by the grand entrance of the salon, with extravagant appeal and sleek modern design. I felt like a true VIP walking through the gold stanchions and being greeted by the super friendly staff. We were treated to a table of rainbow coloured candy, cake and yummy macaroons. After satisfying our sugar craving for the next week, we were taken through the reason for the BC Hairtherapy relaunch, and educated on the product range and formulations.

002 004

* The Style Bar team pictured above and delicious rainbow cake we were treated to

With the relaunch of BC Hairtherapy with Cell Perfector technology, Schwarzkopf Professional has seven hair care lines, with specific formulas and ingredients selected specifically for the care needs of different hair types. The secret of the new BC Hairtherapy is the new Cell Perfector technology which combines the cuticla Cell Perfector technology for optimum replenishment of the hairs surface with the cortex Cell Perfector technology to rebuild the hair structure deep inside the hair cell.

BC Hairtherapy comprises the following hair care ranges:

  • Repair Rescue – damaged hair
  • Color Freeze – colour-treated hair
  • Moisture Kick – dry hair
  • Volume Boost – fine hair
  • Time Restore – mature hair
  • Hair Activator – thinning hair

The product pakaging was changed as part of the relaunch. Now in a modern, sleek and high gloss design, which is colour coded for specific hair types. The range now also includes innovative hero products.

photo (13)

* The new BC Hairtherapy is exclusively available in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.

We were treated to one-on-one consultations where my appointed stylist annalysed my hair, and decided what products and treatment would be used. Due to my hair being coloured (yes the secret is out, my red hair is not naturally this vibrant!), long and heat styled, I was recommended the following home care products:

photo (12)

  • Color Freeze Rich Shampoo 250ml – for overprocessed hair R215
  • Repair Rescue Conditioner 200ml – for damaged hair R225
  • Color Freeze Treatment 200ml – for colour treated hair R310
  • Color Freeze Thermo-Protect Cream 125ml – for coloured hair R260

Complementing the products are in-salon BC Power Shot hair care treatments, which can be customised by hairdressers for their customers specific needs. Due to the length of my hair and previous Ombre (bleaching), my stylist explained that she would use the Repair Concentrate Power Shot for damaged hair, concentrating on my ends to repair dryness and split ends. Only half the tube was used for my treatment, and I was given the rest to take home to use in six weeks time (yip, that is how long the effects of the treatment lasts).

After my blowdry, my hair looked extremly glossy, frizz free and my ends were smooth, and hydrated. It has been over a week since my treatment and the ends of my hair remained moisturised and sleek.


*My fantastic hairstylist and I pictured above

I am looking forward to seeing the almost complete, revamped, Style Bar salon in Constantia Village. If the design of the Tygervalley salon is anything to go by, it is going to look fabulous!








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