Revlon: LOVE IS ON

Revlon is one of those brands that seems to have been around forever. I remember being a little girl and oogelling my mom’s bright red Revlon nail polish bottles on her dressing table. Browsing through magazines as a teenager and seeing Revlon adverts featuring Cindy Crawford, in her hay-day, big hair and all.

Cindy Horton Revlon love is on2

Revlon continues to reinvent themselves as they relaunch the brand with their first global tagline in over a decade: LOVE IS ON.

See the new Revlon: LOVE IS ON television advert below, set to a rendition of the song ‘Addicted to love’.

In addition, Revlon introduced the Global Love Beacon, an interactive billboard in New York City Times Square, that allows people to share the love from around the world, to the world, 24-7.

Cindy Horton Revlon love is on4

The Global Love Beacon features a LOVE IS ON live camera that captures and streams users generated ‘love moments’ onsite. People from around the world are invited to join the conversation for a chance to have their photo or message featured on the billboard by showing their love via social media using #LOVEISON.

Cindy Horton Revlon love is on


“The new mission of our brand is to inspire love. From the moment a women puts on her make-up, we want to captivate her imagination, to take her on a journey into the world of love, where she will be enchanted by its countless dimensions.”


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