Since she was little, Cindy has had a love for all things beautiful, so it’s no wonder she found herself in a career where she works her magic to make others feel and look their best. After years of practising on any willing volunteers, Cindy completed a diploma in make-up artistry and hair styling, where she discovered she didn’t just love what she was doing ‒ she had a real talent for it as well.

Since completing her diploma, Cindy has made inroads into the film and fashion industry in Cape Town, with 9 years of experience now under her belt. During this time, she’s worked with local and international celebrities, photographers and production companies, specialising in beauty and fashion make-up and styling.

With her extensive knowledge of the beauty industry, Cindy became the go-to- girl for beauty editors on tips, and advice for magazines and online articles. After assisting with editorials and product reviews for one of the leading hair magazine’s in the world, Cindy was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the editor of ESTETICA magazine.

Now she shares her time between being a freelance make-up artist and compiling a top quality magazine which is distributed to the professional hair and beauty industry in South Africa and throughout ESTETICA’S international network.

She describes herself as a ‘people’s person’ – and really means it. Meeting new people with every new job, and working with talented people from all over the world are two things she really thrives on, as are the beautiful locations she often finds herself working in.

On a brighter note, Cindy is a proud, vibrant red head, with an addiction to liquid eyeliner and nail polish. Besides the world of beauty, she has a love for animals (she is the owner of a Boston Terrier Taz, a miniature Dachshund mix puppy Ruby, and Zebra Finches Squeak and Casanova), the ritual of cooking delicious food (and eating it) and a secret weakness for bubbly.

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