Sombré hair trend

We knew the day would come when the Ombré hair trend would be replaced with the next big thing in hair colour. We are not quite ready to say goodbye to the two toned colour but rather opting for the new Sombré hair trend. As the name suggests, it is a softer more subtle take on the Ombré style.

Cindy Horton Sombre hair trend 1Cindy Horton Sombre hair trend 4

* Ombré vs Sombré

Ditching the obvious colour difference David Gillson, master stylist and partner at Carlton Hair, says that the Sombré colour has a more natural grown out summer feel, which is very low maintenance.

A subtle graduation from the roots to end, with the lighter colour starting closer to the roots than the tips. The change in colour is very subtle but still makes a big impact on the overall look.

Cindy Horton Sombre hair trend 3Cindy Horton Sombre hair trend 2

* Brunette Sombré

This style is perfect for blondes. Ombré required more of a noticeable contrast in colour whereas the Sombré doesn’t. It is also great for brunettes who want to lighten their look.

Cindy Horton Sombre hair trend 6Cindy Horton Sombre hir trend 7

* Blonde Sombré

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